Paul Birken – Acid Youth Of Malibu Remixes (Earwiggle ‎EAR 006 – 2014)

Paul Birken’s sledgehammer track “Acid Youth Of Malibu” from a collab EP with Freddie Fresh belonged to the very top of 2012 floor destroyers and has been virtually begging for remixes since then. Now the prayers have been heard and four explosive reworks by the insiders of tech-banger faction are out of Dublin imprint Earwiggle.
Blawan kicks it off with a properly whipping techno tool, largely stripped of the initial bass line and boasting the fastest pace of the lot. Dutchman Bas Mooy is the champion here when gives a rougher twist to Birken’s lunatic acid line, exposed to an armada of killer bees. Recently outed as a Blacknecks consort, London producer Truss expresses dissatisfaction with the drum work so far and drops a bouncing and noisy cut with mean warehouse riff. We can’t be really done before the master Birken re-enters the stage, wrenching and mugging the track for further floor action.

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