Terminal 313 Juno Chart – July 2014: Beau Wanzer, Ekman, Robert Crash

This month’s selection is topped by an odd four-tracker by Chicago’s Beau Wanzer out soon on Nation Records. “Power Outage” is an experimental amalgamation of turbo disco, dark wave and viagra. Listening to Ekman‘s eerie new strike on Panzerkreuz one can understand all the fuss about the Dutch producer fond of dirty acid stuff. Robert Crash‘s inspiration lies in early Chicago acid of Phuture and likes but he adds unexpected twist to the tracks in “Friends To Friends“.
The Giant Monarch“, an excellent mini compilation comes from New York’s Fifth Wall Records with the artists L’estasi Dell’oro, Greg Z, Loric and Shawn O’Sullivan. Weighty package of industrial techno titled “Paris/Berlin: 20 Yeard Of Underground Techno“, new material by Hadamard on Solar One Music and Metasplice on Morphine belong also to the upper half of the ranking.

Direct link to the chart.

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