Varg – Gravrösens Bortglömda Band (Semantica Records ‎SEMANTICA 68 – 2014)

In “Gravrösens Bortglömda Band”, released simultaneously with S100‘s “Genesis” in Semantica’s recent Swedish round, Varg leaves the Northern Electronics hideaway for urban crowds targeted by the Madrid label.
After the ambient intro “Lossning I Dimma, Kallholmen 04.53”, floor-minded “Västra Skogen” twins with ethereal fireballs produced by Abdulla Rashim, Varg’s pal in the Ulwhednar project, while being exposed to thin acid rain we remember from “Misantropen” on NE.
Staying in steady motion, “Stupagreve Homuth” delves deeper into dubby spheres while electro-smelling and crawling “Norrlandsbrigad 69R” is the most wolfish cut of the selection that mostly feels like drinking from a crystal-clear source.

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