Jeremiah R. – Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (Enklav. ‎ENK015 – 2014)

Jeremiah R. from Rotterdam is a dreamer, pursuing the sounds of electro’s atmospheric section, if to decide by his EP for the Italian label Enklav. [yes there is a full stop at the end].
It gets a cautious start with harmonic layers in „Interdimensional  Beings“, to fit the loungy ambience of design hotels. The title theme “Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit” advances one level up, appearing as an intelligent and clinical electro track.
Gentle breeze of dub arrives in “Infinite Skies”, a toughtful and relaxing piece and after wellness department we reach glimmering “Exile”, arching over to my personal favourite “Illuminated Process” – an intense tune built on electro disco riff and cascading pads.
“Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit”, which in some elements reminds of Model 500, John Beltran or Plant43, is Jeremiah R.’s third release, after a CDr album in 2011 and the twelve “The New Wave” last year, with a remix by Drexciya and Dopplereffekt member Gerald Donald aka Heinrich Mueller.

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