Aisha Devi – Hakken Dub / Throat Dub (Danse Noire DN004 – 2014)

Already topping my Juno chart in August, Aisha Devi’s blistering EP deserves a closer look. Foremostly known as Kate Wax, Devi gives a new meaning to girl power on her own Danse Noire imprint.
The Swiss-born, half-Tibetan producer, once a regular in the roster of Mental Groove, offers in the new release plenty of sound variations.
“Hakken Dub”, a homage to hakken warcry of Dutch gabber scene, is a razor-sharp cut, with Julee Cruise-like whispers, recalling the heyday of Planet Core and raising the appetite for hardcore revival. “Throat Dub (Tool)” is like didgeridoo and Tuvan throat singing placed over sliding drone textures for a beatless ghost story audition.
The flip is dedicated to reworks, starting the one by IVVVO aka Ivo Pachecho, whose version with house layers and cosmic vocals gives a new meaning to “Hakken Dub”. Like leading a fledgling brass band, Jamal Moss turns “Throat Dub” into the “Hieroglyphic Being Experience 9” of winding riffs and rumbling percussion, in his common 10-minute format.
Beyond a doubt, Devi’s EP is an excellent follow-up to Danse Noire’s first vinyl, arcane Maghrebian dubtronics by El Mahdy Jr..

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