Hiss : 1292 – VéVé EP (Dement3d Records DM3D010 – 2014)

“VéVé EP” by Hiss : 1292, a French-Swiss connection of Francois X and Opuswerk, is a good reason to pay attention to Dement3d Records. Two years after Polar Inertia’s outstanding “The Last Vehicle EP”, the label from Paris makes another strong statement to hit the nerve of the techno scene.
The duo’s second EP after “Aetherius Society” from the last year, “VéVé EP” is inspired of West African Dahomey and Yoruba voodoo traditions and opens with “Augun”, a bullish, drilling tool for the moments of perfection on the floor.
“Damballah” receives the Wedo Mix treatment by the label’s co-founder Francois X’s who opts for slow-mode hypnosis in the most sluggish track of the EP. Acidic tones of Opuswerk’s abrasive Takes You Higher Version send “Eshu” to a tunnel trip bound to “Simbi”, offering a captivating finale with slightly tribalistic drums and psychedelic flair.

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