Teersom – Magerøya EP (Basement Grey Records BEGR-001 – 2014)

begr_01nsAfter impressive debut on Sähkö’s sub Keys of Life, Niko Pettersen aka Teersom launches own Basement Grey Records with barren tracks carried by wobbly percussion. In the EP named after Norway’s northernmost island Magerøya, the man from Turku in Western Finland, and the city of Sähkö Recordings, heads to frozen trails in the other side of the 60th parallel north.

For “Water Breath”, thermal suits and strong headlamps are required when diving into the deep where thuds and creaks are echoing in low-oxygen spheres. The bass is turned up to the maximum, which lends a chunky impression also to the next track “Waves E”, moving on more abstract side with bleepy undertones and reverberated noise, like captured from the docks of a freight port. However the peak moments arrive when Hidden Hawaii headman Felix K’s reinterpretation of “Waves E” hits the shore, with the track undergoing a frosty dub treatment.

Slightly recalling Tekonivel’s “Sirkus”, it’s largely a genuine Teersom-style production with an ambition to go beyond ordinary dance material.  “Magerøya EP” may not be immediately accesible but recommended for anyone wishing to perceive a deeper view on techno.

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