Plant43 – Return To The Sentient City (SEMANTICA 69 – 2015)

Release date is in January 21015
Release date is in February 2015

Emile Facey has been missing the Sentient City lately, when the electro artist from London returns to the theme under the Plant43 moniker. It is also a reminder that genres endorsed by Semantica are not limited to techno, for which the Madrid label is mostly acknowledged, but it is open to a wider sound philosophy.

Being the final part of the series, “Return To The Sentient City” contains a wealth of crisp and clear textures with a melancholic flair, without missing the bass-laden essence of genuine electro.

All four tracks, driven by agile 808, gleaming layers and gentle strings, are equally strong, and evoke a picture of sustainable experiments with men and machines living under the dictatorship of wellness.

What we encounter here is sonic storytelling where the titles and content feed the imagination, like the opener “Chain Of Memories” being a perspective companion for browsing withered Polaroids. The following two cuts are on the uptempo side when intense sequences emerge in “Ascendant Machines” and “Ubicomp Malfunction”, before diving into crystal-clear waters to explore the beauty of “Amphibious Architecture”. Refreshing electro harmonies reaffirm Plant43’s standing as a forward-thinking electro act.

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