Svreca – Narita (SEMANTICA 44 – 2015)

semantica44Svreca has been a frequent visitor to Japan, with performances at Dommune and various clubs, and therefore it may not be surprising that Narita, the site of Tokyo’s air hub, serves as source of inspiration for the Semantica boss. While the Madrid label keeps a steady pace of two monthly releases, for Svreca’s own productions 2014 meant some sort of sabbatical without any new solo material.

Now the master of tripping tracks is back and opens the game with “Sleepless”, a jet lag-ridden monotonous stretch, where strident bells are running on steady bass to a long tunnel of exhaustion. At first glance almost annoyingly simple, the opener illustrates well mental numbness after intercontinental travel. The dash ends abruptly in “Ebisu”, whose frosty aura taps to Ø’s and Alva Noto’s scarce soundscaping. Liquid signals are falling on gradually accelerating offbeat and meditative Glockenspiel set on phosphorus pads creates both relaxing and captivating feel.

The pace is upped again on the B-side, when all engines are go in “Mountain-Splitter”, an eight-minute ascent curve to the cruising altitude, undistracted of a malicious alarm signals. For the end, “Trance” adds another one to the countless definitions of that state of mind, in the form of maintenance hall ambient, where the contours of alien noise are presiding amidst dark-toned thumps and hissing steam.

“Narita” is an innovative piece, where crisp and clear sounds are gathered under the banner of minimalism.

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