Tripeo – Anipintiros Reworks Part I & II (Tripeo TRILPRMX1 / TRILPRMX2 -2015)

Tripeo_Reworks_album_artwork.inddIn 2014, Dutch techno artist Darko Esser completed the album “Anipintiros”, the first under Tripeo alias, and now six producers have remixed a number of tracks. Artist lineup of the two-part release is impressive and the material would be good for club use. But in my view, above the others are two reworks of “Anipintiros #7” and, unfortunately, they do not share the same piece of vinyl.

Blawan is off the leash, when Yorkshire noisemaker shakes the place with a grinding, throbbing version and acid bits. My other pick, Mike Parker’s trim of the acid-soaked original, complies with the minimalist scrub of the Buffalo man and keeps the heat on.

Of the rest, reliable UK veteran James Ruskin and Spanish duo Exium deliver straight and classic reinterpretations in the first part and in the second, Ben Sims signals the power of torrid loops and Cadans rounds it up with a wiggly stomper.

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