Ten summer tracks

Photo from D.2000 mag (1997)

This post is not about Ibiza beach parties and hardstyle DJs rocking the stadiums. Just a random selection that could be taged ‘summer techno/house’ in my view, take it or leave it.

Sequential – “Prophet” (Pod Communication)
Landmark trance track by Sequential, a project by Pete Namlook and Christian Thier from the beginning of the 1990s. The real bliss starts at 3:50.


Andreas Dorau – “Girls In Love, Grungerman Mix I” (Ladomat 2000)
Andreas Dorau, a German NDW and pop wonder, getting his 1997 hit remixed by Wolfgang Voigt.


Ajukaja – “Ahiwo Ahiwo” (Porridge Bullet)
After “Benga Benga”, another slab of hot African edits on Porridge Bullet.

Array Access – “Variation 2 Eomac Remix” (Ressort Imprint)
Eomac remixes are a sure bet, also on this Ressort Imprint release.


Age Of Love – “Age Of Love” (Diki Records)
Either you know or you don’t.


UR – “Midnight Sunshine” (Underground Resistance)
One my favourite tracks from the UR’s “Dark Energy” LP.


Matti Turunen – “Elokuu” (Muhk Music)
Reminds that August is about to start.


Moodymann – “U Can Dance If U Want 2” (KDJ)
Kenny Dixon Jr. vintage at its best.


Drexciya – “Black Sea” (Warp Records)
From the depths of warm waters.


Ilsa Gold – “Silke” (Mainframe)
Damn, why is it here?

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