Dungeon Acid – The Move (Stockholm LTD STHLMLTD 035 – 2015)

STHLM LTD 035 DIGIFor a dance track, the length is usually an asset and this notion has been valued since historical creations like “Acid Tracks” or “French Kiss”, both spread over ten minutes. Now Dungeon Acid suggests that 12 minutes of your precious life could be spent in the company of compelling Point Chaud remix of “The Move”, which fills the A-side of Stockholm LTD’s new release.

The track which is not connected with “Move”, the artist’s 2013 piece on Detroit’s FIT, goes in the footsteps of classic Chicago workouts, in the form of a germinating acid house derivative. A gripping affair from the very beginning, it swerves through multi-layered percussion and at the mid-track it’s like (DJ) Hell breaking loose with the Traxx rework “Passionate!” for a climax on the floor.

The B-side belongs to the Stockholm LTD boss Pär Grindvik, who drops two technoid tolknings or interpretations of the original. Relying on bass-driven techno’s main ingredients, “Étude” is less imaginative, but “Beyond The Move” is a flawless piece meandering in analogue maze.

Although the Dungeon Acid project emerged only in 2010, the producer Jean-Louis Huhta, has been part of the (Swedish) techno scene since the 1990s, with releases on Svek, Hybrid, Börft and many other labels.

Points: 8 of 10


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