SHLTR – Konstrukt 001 (Konstrukt KON001 – 2015)

KON001 ArtworkThe debut release of the Dutch label Konstrukt arrived rather quietly, but SHLTR’s EP has the potential for a strong presence in the DJ charts. Because what we hear is a beautiful label start with ample soundscapes from techno’s sensible side.

The magic of “Konstrukt 001” lies in sweet timbres that make to believe in the kindness of human race, without running the risk of looking pathetic. The aptly titled opener “When Protection Surrounds” is the cream of the crop, built on endless pads that have something in common with Parazide’s “Makin’ Love” or, of recent examples, Eduardo De La Calle’s delicate sounds.

On the B-side, deep house inclined “Chained In Centuries” contains excerpts from field recordings, either reproducing rainforest moods or socially laden atmosphere and in “Earth From Within” the revitalisation session resumes with dubbed out smoothness. All in all, the three-tracker offers a real shelter for rainy days and the beautiful sleeve artwork by Hendrik Simons is a bonus.

Not much is known about the artist SHLTR. He comes from the Southern part of the Netherlands and has developed himself as a DJ, now teaming up with the fellow Dutch producer and DJ Doka. In addition to launching the new label, they also hold Konstrukt parties at the Studio 80 club in Amsterdam.

Points: 9 of 10


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