Ten f*ck tracks

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Nordcore flyer from the 1990s

We can’t speak of the ‘fuck’ shortage in the music around us, as there are about 50,000 related hits in Discogs. Although the word itself is not enough for rebellion, the artists feel often tempted to see ‘fuck’ as a way to self-expression, which has led to a number of tracks balancing between the good and the bad taste, more the latter.

Obviously, ballads are not the genre where we should look around while music breeds like punk and hardcore or ghetto and booty bass provide a lot of thematic material. The following selection represents mostly artists and labels I can recall from earlier days. Something you should not show to your (future) mother-in-law,







Mark Forshaw – The Fuck (Berceuse Heroique)
Let’s start with the present day: Out on maverick label Berceuse Heroique this summer, “The Fuck” is the actual inspiration for the list. Check also Jamal Moss remix on the flip.


Biochip C. – Fucking Evil (Force Inc. Music Works)
Hellraiser vibes from a breakbeat & hardcore champion over 20 years ago.


Reyes – Fuck You (K.N.O.R.)
Gabber years offered a plenty of obscenities, including a lot of dumbness, but this one is a real belter.


Nasty Django – Ey Loco! (Dance Ecstasy 2001)
From the “Ey Fukkas! EP” by Nasty Django, one of Marc Acardipane’s countless projects, anchored to the hoovers and kicks drum.


Euromasters – Noiken In Die koiken / Neuken in de Keuken (Rotterdam Records)
Gabber kids used to freak out to this silly one. Your Dutch friends will translate the title.


DJ Hyperactive – Kala Ulu (Drop Bass Network)
Midwest hardcorps stylee: A mighty cut from the EP “Don’t Fuck With Chicago”.


Karen Finley – Tales Of Taboo (Pow Wow Art International)
The original shocker girl, teaching this and that. It’s not so much about the lyrics than the attitude.


Taste Of Sugar – Hmm, Hmm (Subway)
The Belgian new beat act took over the main sample from the previous.


Traxmen – F____n Suckin (Dance Mania)
Paul Johnson in booty action, several years before landing the worldwide smash “Get Get Down”.


Brothers Fuck & Friend – Brother F. (Murdercapital)
The Hague’s padre I-F and mates tackling the theme.

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