David Morley – The Origin Of Storms (De:tuned ASGDE010 – 2016)

DavidMorley_ASGDE010_sleeve_frontDe:tuned is keen to put acclaimed artists from the past to contemporary context, either by reissuing old or presenting new productions. The LA Synthesis double pack was one of the 2015 highlights and after B12’s “Transient Life”, it’s the turn of the UK-born Belgian resident David Morley who debuted back in 1992 with “Evolution” on R&S Records’ ambient offshoot Apollo and was active in the nineties with a handful EPs.

With “The Origin Of Storms” the Belgian label resumes the pursuit for abundant textures in electronic music, when Morley’s beatless synth variations are floating over ambient fields in the 12″+10″ album over 40 minutes of playtime.

The best cuts are found in the 12-inch part: scenic beauty and coralline sequences decorate the opener “Re-Volution” and “Presto” is a magnficent North Sea wavebreaker. “NAB” reminds of recent “The Loud Silence” on Further Recordings, when buzzing synth sequences resemble mouth harp used by Donato Dozzy. “ORF” comes with rougher sound pallette where stretched and winding riff is topped with glistening pads. In the double pack, the 10-inch part is reserved for the longest, eight-minute tracks, pulsating modular excercises “Radge” and “Gematria”. For the fans of Ricardo Donoso, Jürgen Müller and likes.

Points: 8 of 10

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