Bandcamp ambient picks: Horsetail, Jari Pitkänen, Øyvind Juel


Horsetail from the UK are ‘makers of noisy outer space music’ from the abstract side of ambient and drone, which is well reflected in the title track and in “The Wound That Never Heals”. If to imagine it as a vinyl, the “B-side” turns out as the winner: distorted creeper “His Terrible Heart” would appeal to techno DJs and “Cloak” is a minimalist ballad for the mountaineers in base camp.

Jari Pitkänen

Finnish artist Jari Pitkänen boasts a large back catalogue based on ambient experimentations with Roland MC-303. Of his recent navigations in stellar dust, the album “Korppi” from 2016 has a few appealing tracks like “Meri / Kotiin Paluu”, “Tarinan Alku / Maailman Esitelly”.




Øyvind Juel

From the land of fjords and Bioshpere comes Øyvind Juel who is a rookie with two digital tracks published around the Christmas of 2016. “6:33 am” is extended electronic shoegaze of about twelve minutes and stands for genuine Polar minimalism.

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  1. Love 6:33 am. Very nice stuff going on there.

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