TECHNO & TRANCE: Boston 168, Peter Eilmes, Eloim, Peter van Hoesen

‘Trance’ has been both a severely misunderstood and abused genre, mostly standing for euphoric, full-on fare that mushroomed in the nineties. Leaving aside the substances related to the scene, trance has a deserved position in the dance music history. Difficult to say if we are facing a revival but some recent releases carry elements of quality trance.


Boston 168 – 90’s Space EP (Enemy Ltd ENEMY 033 – 2017)

Plenty of acid from the Italian duo and smoke machine can be smelled in the title cut recalling the Djax-Up days. In “Interstellar” and “Orbit” the heart rate of Harthouse fans would go up.


Peter Eilmes – State Of Matter (Sensor 002 SEN 002 – 2017)

“State Of Matter” is the solo debut of the German artist Peter Eilmes, quite a while from his 2008 collab with former Harthouse artist Michael Kohlbecker (ex-Eternal Basement). Linear, banging techno tracks that could fit under trance too (“Levitation”, “Magnetite”).


Eloim – Days Of Madness EP (Secret Keywords SK009D – 2017)

Digital release from the Italian artist Eloim opens with ambient but the real treat is “Ta” that reminds of DJ Deep’s and Roman Poncet’s earlier Tresor EP while “Days Of Madness” goes almost hardcore.


Peter van Hoesen – Coast To Coast (Time To Express T2X29 – 2017)

A rather diverse four-tracker from acclaimed Belgian, moving to the fields of abstract electronica, but the title track is clearly tripping at high altitude.

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