REVIEW: Second Storey – Telekinesis Via Fax (TRUST30 – 2017)

From the border area of Norfolk and Suffolk arrives Houndstooth regular Alec Storey aka Second Storey, to continue TRUST’s impressive run of far-out electro releases. Not keen to duplicate purist, Drexciyan sound of the ongoing electro boom, the Austrian label is stubbornly searching its own way as heard on previous occasions and has found another good match with “Telekinesis Via Fax”.

Second Storey’s formula consists of sturdy breaks and glitch elements, reminding of Schematic artists such as Push Button Objects or Phoenecia and robust beats of former Sativae offshoot Penalty.

Yawning chords and typewriter sequence are carrying the hectic opener “Attack Of The Modlings” while the track’s undulating yet tight rework by TRUST’s fellow project /DL/MS/ can be described as the ‘groovy one’. Crunchy swing of “Quantock Point To Point” gets close to Ultradyne’s dark electro and in the swirling title cut “Telekinesis Via Fax” atmospheric funk meets chopping braindance.

Points: 9 of 10

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