REVIEW: D.J. Trump – Trumpin’ Tracks Vol. 1 (Black Beacon Sound bbs009ep – 2017)

It was only a matter of time when Trump ‘The DJ’ will make a techno debut and truly some Soundcloud clips appeared a few months ago. It sounded pretty promising, clearly not a kind of cheap parody house that would ride the wave of Trump-mocking. And I really don’t care if it’s D.J. Trump or DJ Woody Woodpecker because the tracks are just great, starting from “Ghetto Trump”, which has a lot in common with bleepy minimalism of “Losing Control”. In the gripping ghetto jam “Trump Dat”,(un)appropriate vocabulary emerges from a coarse throat, before smoking acid house tune “Beat The Box, Trump the Box” climbs the stage.

The B-side opens with furious 303-driven techno “American Carnage” with all-flattening bassline and eerie messaging while explosive “Feel My Trumpin’ Bass” comes with acid lines in excess. In the end, “Trump That Body” is too much about “French Kiss” with the world-famous ecstatic breakdown and squeaky bassline.

Although keen to use borrowed elements from Detroit and Chicago house history, D.J. Trump has a promising future and will get a vote for me for the next term. For further insight, this post is most recommended.

Points: 8 of 10

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