REVIEW: Various – The Trackhead EP (Slaying Medusa SM001 – 2018)

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Thunder over Chicago

The arrival of a heat wave is proclaimed with Slaying Medusa’s first release, when especially the A-side recalls Relief Records’ days of glory. The four-track EP is something I’ve been waiting to happen and Slaying Medusa’s debut will excite many worshippers of rough Chicago house.

Actually there is a direct link to Relief, a keeper of Chicago house traditions in the nineties, when the opening track comes from the cult label’s former artist Mystic Bill. Drums and strings jam “Aphrodite’s Garden” is a genuine feel-good statement that would easily belong to the same league with tunes from Boo Williams or Glenn Underground in their best years.

The rawest piece comes from the f***ed minds of Kosmik and VeXaTioN who are behind Optimistic Misanthropes. They might like the way DJ Boris did it because “They Buy” is a filthy ghetto gospel with the angriest kick drum for ages. Unwrought and punishing, cursing treasonous puppets and not only them.

The B-side remains on the harder side, which means also negligible attention to the groove. Mark Grusane’s “Grusane Asylum” is a neurotic industrial burner with diesel in its veins, while VeXaTioN’s acid bath “Jak Madness” thunders like a peak hour craze in steamy warehouse. What else to tell to the new label than: Keep slaying, fellas!

Points: 9 of 10


    1. Author

      Yes sir! Just a few days ago I listened to “L Trax”, seriously banging too.

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