REVIEW: DJ Spider – Human Erosion Field EP (Out Electronic Recordings OUT026 – 2018)

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NYC’s ruler of drums in thundering moods

Rob Hampton aka DJ Spider, co-founder of the labels Plan B and Sublevel, continues his mission to salvage techno from becoming predictable. The New Yorker returns to the Italian label Out Electronic that has previously released his collab with Phil Moffa and over the years has signed classic techno artists like Orlando Voorn, Juan Atkins or Terrence Dixon.

In “Human Erosion Field”, DJ Spider bravely keeps his funk and drops a brisk EP with apocalyptic undertones, as we know him doing before. “Wicked Priest Part 2” arrives with trademark thundering percussion and words of wisdom from the shadows. Over eight minutes of oozing drone “When They Return” is searching signals from solar system’s remotest corners, leaving the fears of an alien intrusion not totally unfounded.

“Jinn” with dubbed out notes is a reflection of unsteady mind when haunting impulses are chasing through cerebral areas, while “Mountain Melter” is a pulverising stomper with gigatonnes of bass, for direct impact on the floor. Finally, “Pleiadian Agenda” gets a tribal face painting, sharing the colour box with the Planet Of Drums squad. And it’s not over yet when the digital version comes with bonus remixes from Bleaching Agent and Vohkinne.

Points: 9 of 10

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