This is Terminal 313’s musical alphabet to sum up the year 2015. Many of the entries have been covered in the blog posts and some of the mentions are about my long-time favourites who had a strong year. You could also have a look at my singles and album charts over at Juno.

Ancient Methods. The year of industrial techno’s genre-defining artist culminated with the new moniker Room 506 and “Red Embers”, my favourite track of the year.


Bernardi, Marco. Climbing to the consciousness of a wider audience, the UK producer excelled in 2015 with electro roughness on Brokntoys and dancing clowns on Berceuse Heroique.


Clarence G. After recent Drexciya reissues, the kind crew over at Clone went for some encores in the Aqualung series. Along with “Black Sea”, the EP “Hyperspace Sound Lab” from James Stinson’s young years was reissued to enjoy also “Turbine”, an early version of “The Countdown Has Begun”.


D’Marc Cantu. Mostly associated with jakbeat, the Ann Arbor producer showed versatility in 2015, coming with great tunes in the EPs “Car Type” (Run Out Run and) and “That Love You Feel” (THEMA).


Entr’acte. The label operating since 2004 is an example how experimental music can be sustainable. Joachim Nordwall’s and Jean-Louis Huhta’s intense “Soul Music 2” rounded up another busy year for the UK label.


Further Recordings. The Seattle imprint was very much in the game, with Donato Dozzy’s mouth harp excursions, Jonas Reinhardt’s crisp electronics and great EPs by Spiral and Mosam Howieson.


“Gödelian Argument”. In February Ekman’s gritty electro-acid EP opened the year of Bedouin Records, a label with a great run of releases.


Hawtin, Richie. After being constantly mocked for ‘sellout’ Ibiza DJ sets and EDMization, the Windsor innovator took a sweet revenge with “From My Mind To Yours”, a monumental two-hour collection of new material dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Plus 8.


“Ixam”. After eight years of silence, Mono Junk’s DUM Records called again with the acid track of the year from Coopers’ “Maximal Fun EP”.


Jamal Moss. Either under his own name, as Hieroglyphic Being, I.B.M. or The Sun God, his track record is impressive. A compilation on lost tapes came out on Interdimensional Transmissions, a label keeping up great quality for years.


Konstrukt. A strong contender for the label debut of the year with beautiful deep textures by SHLTR.


Lower Parts. The label from Greece is building an impressive artist roster and offered with Stingray 313’s EP a highlight of the year. Next up is the second release by the Thessaloniki collective Anopolis.


Murder Capital. Cult electro label from the Hague, nowadays squatted by Gesloten Cirkel which put out two massive EPs last year.


Never On Sunday. The Burden brothers aka Octave One completed a new album in 2015 and simultaneously turned their eyes to the history. Among a couple of reissues of the 430 West classics, N.O.S.’s “Day By Day” was the most remarkable for me.


Ontario Hospital (O/H). Richard Oddie from Orphx and Dave Foster aka Huren are two Canadians from techno’s rougher side who completed their first joint EP on Opal Tapes. “All Flesh” from the Inner Surface’s top-end compilation “Replicants” was among the very best techno tracks of 2015.


Pattern Burst. Feeling a kindred spirit in the outstanding electronic music blog from Glasgow. A fine combination of historical knowledge, expert opinion and brilliant drafting, plus several uploads of mixtapes from the archives.


Qnete. A young producer from Bremen is still very much in the starting blocks, but has completed a couple of fine releases on ZCKR and Lobster Theremin.


“Rumpukone”. Making a nod to the “Me and My Rhythm Box” from the 1982 film “Liquid Sky”, the title track of Syncom Data’s EP was a manic experience.


Semantica Records. Despite of vast back catalogue still putting out great tunes: Svreca’s “Narita”, Plant43’s new EP and Donato Dozzy/ split single offered great moments.


The Trilogy Tapes. Getting better with every year, a very open-minded and innovative label from London. No further explanations needed when boasting a roster with Rezzett, DJ Spider & Marshallito, Ekman, Chemotex. And Omar Souleyman!


Ultradyne. Two secret activists of the Pi Gao Movement released with “Resurrection: Return from the Abyss” extremely absorbing EP for the year’s best dark electro.


“Variation 2” (Eomac Remix). Almost missed out that Array Access release on Ressort Imprint until I discovered the Eomac rework.


“Where Am I?”. Estonian cult group Hüpnosaurus was sighted on Wicked Bass and Porridge Bullet and at a couple live performances.